Monday, 10 February 2014

Babyzen Yoyo review by customers

Thank you dear customers for your awesome review and tag on FB :)

Posted this stroller to Sandakan, Sabah.
Thank God it only took one day! ^_^

Delivery yang penuh cabaran cos the courier service has problems.
Alhamdulillah akhirnya sampai juga ke tangan customer walaupun lambat. 

(click for larger image)

This one too was posted to KK, Sabah... but took 2-3 days to arrive (ikut nasib)

Really thankful for this post on our FB page by Pn Anis.
Babyzen Yoyo sure does rock! 

Thank you for shopping with Mama Panda Store.

There are others tp dah tak sempat nak track orang tag.

Really appreciate the feedback. Keep 'em coming!

Review by others can be found here too.

P/S: We have one more Babyzen Yoyo ready stock in PINK (white frame). Do email to order. For other colors, you can pre-order too... ETA end of Feb/early March.

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