Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Difference of Ergobaby carriers: Original and Organic

I received numerous questions on the difference of many types of Ergobaby carriers.

Well, as we all know... Ergobaby has the following types of carriers to choose from:

a) Ergobaby Original (Retail price RM464/499)
b) Ergobaby Sport (Retail price RM464)
c) Ergobaby Organic (Retail price RM599)
d) Ergobaby Performance (Retail price RM599)
e) Ergobaby Organic Petunia Pickle Bottom (Retail price RM689)

5 types of them!

This is why I don't have Ergo ready stock (unlike Boba 3G). Too many types, too many colors, prints and choices. For a small bizz wahm with limited source like me, I only take pre-orders for Ergo. ^___^

Ok. Let me summ them up.

1st, the Original series. This is the standard Ergo design. The material is 100% cotton. This design is the same like the Organic series (plain color, not the Petunia Pickle Bottom's). 

They have quite a short body panel which is not suitable for taller babies. However, they are a great ssc for 4 months and above. Since the body panel is quite short (shorter than Boba 3G's), the baby worn wouldn't be so drowned inside it. Your child can look around cos... usually the Ergo's body panel will not even cover up to the child's neck! So tak tenggelam la... great for petite baby, small babies.

Difference between Original and Organic? 

The material, where they are made from and the price.

Organic series is made from 100% organic cotton. It's softer and cooler to the touch (well, at least most of my customers and I think so).

Organic is pricier than Originals. 

Organic is made in India whereas the Original is made in China.

So, if your baby is still small or you would like to wear your baby when he/she is 4 months old (3 months plus also can... depends on your baby), you can buy the Ergo Original/Organic. Please be informed that since it has short body panel, it may not be suitable for larger/taller babies... by then, you have to upgrade your carrier. But Ergo Original/Organics can fit petite 1 year old toddler perfectly... So really, it depends on your baby's size. :)

Picture credit to Juniza.
Her child was 1 year and 2 months old in this pic.
Both of them loved the Ergo (Ergo Organic River Rock Green)

Lots of people love the standard Ergo design. It's comfortable and easy to use.

Even if it cannot last to 2,3 years, some people does not really mind cos baby usually will start walking by 1 year plus, right? Some toddlers refused to be carried by that time... So yeah, tak rugi pun beli. Boleh jual balik! haha... (Authentic items sentiasa ada je orang berminat nak beli eventho preloved... as long as good condition ^_^)

So kesimpulannya:

Ape beza Ergo Original and Ergo Organic (plain)??

Beza dari segi material SAHAJA. Original dari cotton biase, Organic dari Organic cotton.

Yang organic cotton is made in India while the Original made from China. That's all.

To be continued...

Watch the video below... might be helpful =p


  1. I have the ergo baby sport carrier and it is my favorite out of the three I received at my baby shower. Great post!

  2. how much for the pre-order of organic ergobaby. could you pls pm me at

  3. May i know how much is ergo bb performance?? Any promotion?

  4. What is the best choice for a tall baby? Thanks

  5. My son was 62% height (@ 18 months). He's 20 months now, 33.5" tall, 26.8 lbs and he fit well into the Ergo Original. I'm buying this for now and for him older. BUT after reading your post you don't recommend the original or organic for older because it won't fit them? Is this correct? The sunshade even fit over his head so I'm a little confused why you stated this was only for younger children. Can you clarify please? Thank you.