Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Buy and Sell guna Shopee My app


Wow.. dah lama sesangat tak upload blog Mamapanda ni haha... Last post was in 2015. Now dah 2017... =D

Anyway, just nak share sikit about Shopee My app yang merupakan No.1 Shopping app kat Malaysia ni.

Let me start with how Mama Panda start selling there.

Actually before, memang just fokus pada website Mamapanda.com sahaja. I don't even have time to promote or beria-ria menjual di Facebook like before (masa anak sorang). So, website tu sangat-sangatlah membantu...

Masa awal-awal and tak banyak komitmen maybe la boleh nak terima order kat whatsapp or via FB messages. Lama-lama and tambahan pulak anak dah tiga ni, memang tak terkejar la weh. hahaha... So lebih suka customers order kat website or ape-ape jelah cara yang kita tak perlu nak bagi no account and check manual, mintak alamat bla bla... those things are very time consuming. huhu

So, that's why buat website. And yes, sangat-sangat membantu.

Then one day I received an email yang invite Mamapanda berjual kat Shopee. Tapi malas nak layan. Didn't even reply i think (lol maafkan saya). Then dapat call lagi... so I told her I really don't have time to upload stuffs in the app (Masa tu kena upload via phone je rasenye... cos guna app kan? Mana leh guna komputer)

Mana larat nak mengadap phone je haha.. so the Shopee staff (bless her) helped me to create an account and even uploaded products for me. Haa.. that's how it started.

Mulanya slow je la cos item pun tak banyak diupload. Then bila dapat sales, when I checked, ehhh Shopee tak ambil komisyen! Even bank charge pun takde... Mind you, if customer bayar guna kad kredit semestinyalah ade bank charge. Even website Mamapanda pun macam tu (we use Paypal btw), so I was surprised jugakla it's not being charged.

Kalau customer beli barang and bayar guna kad kredit RM100, selalunye yang dapat kat kita just RM96-97 sebab ade bank charge/komisyen payment gateway. Tapi Shopee takde! Freeeee hahaha... best gile =P

And then baru lah slow-slow start upload barang masuk Shopee. The best thing is that you can do that via computer/PC/laptop. No need to use just your phone. So easier lah... just login to the Shopee Seller Centre.

Another great thing about Shopee sekarang ni ialah it offers FREE SHIPPING up to 5kg! And buat masa ni minimum spend kena RM25 untuk dapat free pos tu. RM25 spend kat seller yang sama la yer. Kena usya ape lagi nak beli kat kedai seller tu dalam Shopee. Tapi if beli barang yang memang harga above RM25, of cos la memang free kan. Best sangat feature ni. Even I sell in Shopee, I always shopped online there too cos the deals are so good!

And no, bukan seller dah masukkan duit postage dalam harga barang. No. Shopee yang subsidy duit poslaju... Best kan? Dahla tu, diorg punye rate Poslaju pun murah giler. There's one time ade customer order carseat to be posted to Sabah. Carseat ok. Bulky item, berat pun ye jugak. Pos guna Poslaju and the buyer only pay RM30 ish. Which is very cheap! Poslaju okayyy.. hahaha... Mama Panda ade jugak account dengan Poslaju, tapi if pos carseat ke Sabah Sarawak tu tak jejak RM100 tak sah ler... Usually RM150-300... that's why tak guna Poslaju untuk pos bulky item ke East Malaysia.

Ade pun gambar ni... aku share sikit dari kelas Shopee yang aku pergi kat Ipoh last week.
See??? Murah sangat

You guys may wonder eh apehal Shopee subsidy duit pos, takde bank charge, takde komisyen bla bla?? Yes, I wonder about that too. Shopee ni under Garena, and diback up oleh notable investors like Khazanah. So that's why diorang ade fund buat benda ni.

BUT, of course la sooner or later I think they're going to take commission too... but while it's free, USE IT! Heeee...

Ape lagi kelebihan shopping guna Shopee, ada GUARANTEE!

Okay, proses dia macam ni:

Ali beli carseat RM399 dari Shopee app dari seller Mamapanda. Duit ni Shopee pegang sampaila customer (Ali) dah terima barang yang dia order. So Mamapanda ni tak dapat duit lagi ya... dia dapat lepas Ali update "Order Received" pada app.

Ni safety features for buyer la. So buy with confidence.

For seller pulak, what if customer dah dapat barang tapi tak update "Order Received"?

Well... duit tu dapat jugak tapi lambat la sikit haha... Sebab Shopee tracks juga order and sistem akan update juga sooner or later.

In my experience, 2 weeks maximum. But don't worry, duit dapat jugak. RM399 will be credited to your account later =D

Ade pun gambar hiasan.
Tak rugi pergi kelas diorang. Free je pun.
Ni Mamapanda share lah untuk yang tak pergi...
Jangan lupe shopping kat Mamapanda ya hahaha

Ape lagi ek...

Rasenya tu je kot...

Kalau nak tau lebih detail macam mana nak shopping di Shopee, boleh click link ni: https://mall.shopee.com.my/help_center/

Jangan lupe lepas install Shopee please follow Mamapanda hihi... Link: https://shopee.com.my/mamapanda

Mamapanda is a Preferred Seller. Meaning, kalau nak redeem Shopee Coins, boleh redeem dengan pembelian di Mamapanda.

(Shopee coins boleh redeem pada Preferred Seller only)

Ape itu Preferred Seller?

Shopee Preferred Sellers are specially selected by the Shopee Team. They must be active, well-patroned sellers with high shop ratings and good customer service before they can qualify to be a Shopee Preferred Seller.
Shopee Preferred Sellers can be identified from:
  • This Preferred Seller label 
  • This orange tick 
The labels can be found on the Shopee Preferred Sellers’ shop page as seen in the screenshot below, as well as on the sellers’ me page, product pages, and product listing.

Can you spot us?
15hb March beginner class
16hb March advanced class
Venue: Weil Hotel

Happy Shopping!


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Branded gears on SALE!

All items uploaded are READY STOCK.

Harga Sale untuk ready stock item sahaja.

Once gone, abis la yer... Thanks

Hanya warna dan gambar di atas ready stock:-
Quinny Zapp Xtra 2.0 - Novel Nile RM1549
Maxi Cosi Cabriofix - Raspberry Red RM739
Maxi Cosi Opal available in River Blue, Raven Black and Robin Red RM1499 each.

Harga di atas sudah masuk pos semenanjung via KTM.

Ada warranty 2 years yer.

Pssst, tahun 2016 harga naik lagi. So better grab now~

Sparco F500K in Red color

RM799 + postage RM20.

Recaro Performance Ride - Jett 
Made in USA
RM1499 termasuk pos semenanjung.

Seriously carseat ni best ok... ni harga lama, now harga baru (if nak warna lain kena la order with new price) adalah RM1699! Bapak mahal kan... huhu...

So meh grab yang ni... sapa cepat dia dapat.

 Testi yang sempat disave. Performance Ride in Vibe colors.
Ade banyak dah terjual tapi I bukanla jenis rajin nak save2 screenshots ni haha

Smart Trike Zoo Cow
Retail Price RM899

To clear at RM599 only. 
(inclusive postage semenanjung... pickup at shop minus duit pos)

Medela yang tengah SALE

Medela Harmony RM199
Medela Swing RM699
Medela Swing Maxi RM1399

Please add RM10 for postage

Medela Freestyle takde sale... Naik harga lagi ada la... 
Leh tengok sini if berminat.
Pssstt. Kalau amik Swing Maxi, leh bagi free pos =D

Well, that's all for now that I think worth sharing cos murahh 

Just email me at raihana@mamapanda.com or whatsapp 0125280858 to order.


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Notis cuti Raya

FYI, admin is now 36 weeks preggy and due date is 27th July 2015.

So tak sure cuti sampai bila....

Most probably kedai tutup till 9th August.
Tapi online order boleh buat macam biasa, maybe akan pos twice a week jer instead of every working days.

For enquiries/updates during our 'cuti break', please contact

Hanis 011-2654 2747


Raihana 012 5280858 

(Preferably sms/whatsapp... No calls from 6pm to 9am please)

Thank you!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Quinny & Maxi Cosi Travel System Combo Deals!

Quinny Zapp Xtra 2,0 Folding seat stroller combined with Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat at a great price!

ONLY RM2300!!

COMBO DEALS not to be missed!

1. Quinny Zapp Xtra 2.0 Folding Seat Stroller comes with Maxi Cosi Adapters, Raincover, Manual and Parasol Clip

2. Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat that can be attached to your Quinny stroller

3. FREE 3 Sprouts Stroller Organizer (designs may vary)

4. FREE Bebe Au Lait Tote Bag (designs may vary)

Quinny and Maxi Cosi products come with 2 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

Kalau ada request nak warna car seat yang berbeza dari promo picture pun boleh inform kami. Just whatsapp 012 5280858 or email us at raihana AT mamapanda DOT com

P/s: Price for single items also on SALE... so just whatsapp us k


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Skip Hop ZOO SAFETY HARNESS mini backpack with rein

Retail Price: RM89.90

Our price: RM80 (excluding postage)

(Please take note that we only sell authentic Skip Hop items)

This Zoo pal keeps little ones close during journeys!
Zoo Harness is a mini backpack with a detachable tether for the smallest travelers. It features friendly Zoo faces, adjustable pack straps, and a top grab handle.
The secure easy-to-attach tether keep walks in crowded spaces relaxed. Take off the tether and your little one will feel like a big kid with his own mini backpack!

  • Rein attaches at bottom of pack for better stability
  • Signature Skip Hop characters
  • Tether with wrist strap attaches at bottom of pack for better stability
  • Remove tether to become mini-backpack
  • Adjustable straps for extra security
  • Zippered main compartment
  • Mesh pocket for bottle or juice box
  • Write-on nametag inside
  • Top handle for convenience
  • Ages 12m—4y
  • Please note that this is not a safety device; children should always be accompanied by an adult
  • Size (inches): 7.5w x 9h x 3.25d
  • Instructions:
    1. Slide both shoulder straps onto child.
    2. Pull the chest strap around child and fasten (a "click" should be heard).
    3. Adjust straps by pulling the loose ends, so straps are snug but not tight.
    4. Attach tether by clipping the silver buckle onto silver D-ring at bottom of backpack.
  • Ages 1-4 years.
  • Potential choking hazards.
  • Be aware of the danger when using tether near automatic doors, escalators etc.
  • Remove any detachable tethers when the harness is fitted into a child use and care article.
  • Keep out of child’s reach when not in use.
  • Do not use this harness in motorized and power driven vehicles.
  • Check straps and clips for signs of wear or damage.
  • Ensure that the harness attachment devices are compatible with the child use and care article.
  • Remove and discard all packaging materials prior to use.
  • This product is not a toy. Never leave child unattended. ALWAYS use with adult supervision.
  • Do not add additional strings, cords or straps.
  • This harness is not a safety device

Tags: kids safety harness, zoo let, harness bag

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Storksak Designer Diaper Bags

Available Storksak diaper bags in Malaysia that can be ordered.

Pre Order Basis

Full payment or 50% deposit required.

Subject to stock availability.

ETA 1-2 weeks.

Discounted price is not shown.

We will reply your order form with price & ETA.
Then only you confirm whether to proceed with your order or not.

Order form at the bottom of this post.

**We also have READY STOCKS items as in our website www.mamapanda.com but in very limited designs/quantity***

(Click to large)