Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ergobaby carrier for toddler


Sorry for the late update... I noticed I have frequent visitors here. Thanks again for reading this blog. ^_^

Well, the previous blog entry was about Ergo Original and Organic.

Today I'm going to write on Ergobaby carrier that I recommend for toddler.

Ergo Performance and Ergo Petunia Pickle Bottom (PPB) are great for toddlers since their body panels are longer than the standard Ergo.

Many people who used Ergo before claimed Ergo has short body panels and are not suitable for long term use (until baby is taller/bigger i.e 2 years above). Well, they were right. But only the standard designs has the short body panels. The Performance and PPB DO NOT have short body panels.

Found a picture of my old Ergo in Purple Mystic.
This one is the Ergo Original series.
My son was 1 year at this time. The fit was ok.
I can still use this... but I was interested in Ergo PPB's new design (Frolicking in Fez) and that was why I let this go few weeks after this pic was taken.

Ergo is definitely a very comfortable carrier. Just be careful not to buy fake Ergo!

This picture was taken when my son was 10 months old in Langkawi (baby carrier is great for traveling!)
As you can see, the body panel is high enough to cover all of his back.
And he was forced to have his hands inside the carrier (he didn't like that).

Also at 10 months old.
He got his hands out the way he loved it.
The great thing about Performance is the top section of body panel is quite cushy and soft.
My son can easily got his hands out without crushing the carrier badly. The Ergo Performance was very flexible. Boleh terlipat, tak keras or fixated. Love it!

But Performance itself has differences in material.
The Spring Green (like above pic) is of different outer material than Black Charcoal, True Blue or Grey!
Sp, setiap Performance tu tak sama material dia...
Black Charcoal for once, kain luar dia lembut and shiny berbanding Spring Green yang macam kain cotton biase. (Please refer Ergo's website for details =D)

But all Ergo Performance has mesh inner lining to have cooling effect.
But in my honest opinion, sama je... cam takde beza pun dengan 'kepanasan' carrier lain. HAHA.
It's VERY NORMAL to feel a bit warm when babywearing since our skin contacts with our baby's.

Sold my Performance for Ergo Original (Purple Mystic). yeah, that's how much I love the standard design. The original design :)

Then I sold my Ergo Original Purple Mystic for Ergo Petunia Pickle Bottom!

Fell in love at first sight with the prints.

The Ergo PPB is wider, longer and great for toddler.
The material is of organic cotton and very soft.

The only downside is... it has not pocket at the body panel.
Only 1 pocket to stuff the sleeping hood.

And the beautiful print attracted curious stares. 
That's all for now.


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