Monday, 21 October 2013

Boba 4G is here!

Well well...

Boba 4G is here!

It is a an improved version of Boba 3G.

Just like the Boba 3G, you do not need an additional infant insert that you have to purchase in order to use it with newborn baby.

What are the differences between the Boba 3G and Boba 4G?

1. Redesigned 'newborn hold'. 

Boba 4g no longer requires you to roll the waist belt and flip the buckles. Boba 4G now features a new infant insert/infant pillow that boost up an infant.

This insert has 2 different stages, one designed for infants/newborns (in the fetal tuck) and a second that resolves the difficult 'in between' stage. Once the insert is no longer needed, it may be completely removed.

**Boba 3g does not have infant insert/pillow. Basically it is EASIER to carry newborn in 4g than in 3g.

2. Slightly redesigned hood.

The hood straps are slightly longer to allow for the hood to be used at a diagonal, providing head support for sleeping babies/toddlers. The hood is also slightly thinner.

**Boba 3g has thicker hood and the design is different.

3. Wider base.

The new Boba 4g has wider cutting than the previous 3g by a few centimeters. I haven't measured, but I think wider just an inch, maybe? You can check the picture below. The carrier on top is Boba 3g while the one under it is Boba 4g.

Available in printed and plain design.

Just 'Contact Us' to order or click here.

Thank you!

***Depends on your location and courier service


  1. Hi,
    Does boba gets hot easily?
    Is the % still available?

    1. Yes. check out the website at

  2. boba 4g tweet still available?