Sunday, 16 September 2012

Boba 3G baby carriers - Action pics

Boba 3G can be worn since baby is 7pounds up until 20kg.

But it also depends on the baby's physical built too. Here's some pictures to get the overall idea:

Baby in the picture above is 1 months old.
Worn in Boba 3g with newborn hold.
Legs in

Baby's age: 45 days
Worn in Boba 3G with newborn hold.
Legs in.

Baby's age: 3 months old
Worn in Boba 3G using newborn hold.
Legs in.

Baby's age: 4 months old
Baby was breastfeeding in the picture.
Normal hold (not newborn hold)
Legs out.

Baby's age: 4 months plus

Baby's age: 5 months plus

Baby's age: 7 months

Baby's age: 7 months

Baby's age: 8 months

Baby's age: 9 months

Toddler's age: 1 year old

Toddler's age: 1 year and 10 months old

Toddler's age: 1 year and 11 months old
Weight: 9 kg

Toddler's age: 1 year 11 months
Weight: 11 kg

Toddler's age: 2 years

Child's age: 4 years old
Weight: 15kg

Child's age: 5 years

As we can see from the pics above, eventhough Boba 3G can be worn until maximum weight of 20kg, it will not be very comfortable to carry preschooler in this SSC.

Yes, you can still carry your child in it, but maybe not for a long time. The base is not wide enough to cover your child's bum, so the weight is not distributed evenly. For emergency use, still can la... pakai kejap-kejap. hehe...



  1. Beli kt mn ssc ni?

    1. Beli from Mama panda la...

      jemput tgk :)

    2. sale sampai bile ni...

    3. skrg tgh sale smpai 30 April 2013

  2. Apa beza boba 3g dengan boba 4g? Yg dekat mama panda tu original ke sb price murah than others stokis..huhu

    1. Beza Boba 3g and 4g boleh bace kat cni:

      Yes, Mama Panda jual barang ori sahaja. Kami mmg authorized seller for Boba, Ergo, Quinny and other branded items we sell.

      Kalau murah tu utk harga clearance je selalunye (especially Boba 3g yg at the moment tgl satu unit shj)

    2. so boba 4g lg bagus dr 3g la kan? kalau baby 2bulan sesuai x pakai ssc ni? pernah baca blog yg material boba kasar berbanding ergobaby, betul ke?

    3. Yup, for small baby mcm 2 bln tu lbh senang pakai Boba 4g cos nk adjust dia lbh mudah berbanding 3g.

      material sama je mcm ergo.. cotton canvas jgk. kecuali ergo organic, ergo performance... material ergo tu lain..

  3. sis nak tanya klu anak 3 bulan boba 3g ok x?

  4. Salam sis....nak tnya. Utk 1month old bby boba ssc yg biasa sesuai tak??