Friday, 30 November 2012

Away from the internet for 3 days

I'm going to be away from the lappy starting from today (in a few hours after this entry is posted!) cos I'll be attending a babywearing consultancy course in Mutiara Damansara.

So please, if you have any enquiries, just contact me via the tab above this blog page and be patient for my reply... cos it might not be prompt enough. For prompt reply, tweet me at @MamaPandaStore k. I'm an avid twitterer eventho MPS' tweets were mostly those linked from FB, but really, I did get mentions and replied asap.

The course will be handled by School of Babywearing!

Another step ahead to be a certified babywearing educator, insya Allah. So that I'll have more experience and knowledge on how to help those who asked for my help with trouble shooting their babywearing techniques.

I'm psyched as well as nervous. I'm okay with SSCs (well, they're easy enough), but I'm a virgin with wrapping. haha...

I even purchased a preloved Didymos woven wrap to have a few tries before attending the course (so hopefully takde la blur ayam).

My 20 months old toddler being wrapped.

It was a sloppy job, but heck, I've tried.

Only managed to do FWCC by the way... 
I don't remember any other techniques to do a back carry (plus, not confident too that my wiggly toddler would be patient enough to wait for his mother to wrap him up... almaklum, 1st time... mesti terhegeh-hegeh nak wrap =P )

Are you going to Midvalley this weekend?

I will, insya Allah.

See you there at the baby expo!


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