Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hip-healthy position

I was looking for more info on Hip Dysplasia and came across 'correct swaddling' article. I have visited that site before when people on my Facebook network shared a photo of baby's position in certain baby carriers (which one was good and which one was bad position)

This was the photo:

I was thinking more on the comfort rather than the hip-healthy position when I first saw this pic.
Now I focus more on what it said below the pic =D

Ok, let me share another picture.

(click for bigger image)

Ok, on the carriers that I used (and sell) the correct position is supported.

Oh before I go any further, what is hip dysplasia?

Well... basically, hip dysplasia means that the bones of the hip joint are not aligned correctly.

What does it do?

Hip dysplasia prevents the hip joint from functioning properly. Of course, if it's not aligned correctly, how can the joint function properly, right? The unaligned position would also made the hip joint wears out faster than normal. It is also a “silent” condition that means pain is not normally felt until much later stages, making it harder to detect.

Then I hopped into swaddling section.
However, on the swaddling thing... I was wrong!
Apparently I had swaddled my son wrongly before.

Tsk tsk. 
Do pray that I have another baby so I can do the right thing this time.

Dear readers, do check the video below.

It is important to leave room for the hips to move.

Did you do the correct technique?
Yes? Good for you!

What about those like me?
Well... now we know!

For more info on Hip Dysplasia, kindly visit this Hip Dysplasia.

Yes, you're welcome. 


  1. Rsnya kita di ajar tuk luruskan kaki baby kan bila balut baby konon nanti kaki baby kengkang.. Oh, 4th baby nanti lah baru do the right way.

  2. haha same la... selama ni diajar utk bedong bagi lurus supaya kekonon baby nnt xdela jalan kengkang etc. T___T