Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Stork by Snuggbaby restocked with new prints

Having a baby soon or you have a small baby already?

If you're looking for an ssc (soft structured carrier) that can be used from newborn, I really recommend Stork Snuggbaby!

It is really soft, comes with cincher belt and has wonderful prints! (imported US designer fabrics)

All 5 prints ready stock.

They're RM349 each inclusive postage.

Below is the single pic.

We also have a toddler size Stork Snuggbaby for purchase at RM300 (not include postage)

Only 1 unit in each design above. (Very exclusive)

Below is the carrier sleeve that is available to all standard size Stork Snuggbaby.

It's really an innovative design since you don't have to buy a bag to store your carrier when not in use!

Yes, the black fabric in the inner side of Stork is called 'carrier sleeve'

Convenient, isn't it?

What are you waiting for?

Grab one now!


***Pls be informed that the toddler size Stork doesn't have carrier sleeve


  1. Salam, sis, i bminat dgn stork ni.. Somehow, i tak jmpe ur contact number here.. Blh pm i tak? Emel ke norhafiza.zukepeli@yahoo.com ye..

  2. How to purchase? Jana023@hotmail.com