Friday, 20 July 2012

Mama Panda's 1000 LIKES Giveaways!


Yes, finally Mama Panda's Facebook Page reached 1000 LIKEs (and counting)!

I'm feeling generous and would like to make a giveaway contest!

How to join?

1. You must LIKE the Mama Panda Facebook Page.
2. You must SHARE Mama Panda Facebook Page on your Facebook timeline.
3. IF you have a google account, do follow this blog. (pity me, I only have 2 followers in this blog)

That's the basic tasks.

Now, how to win the give away?

Well, you need to EMAIL me your most creative pictures with any item that you have bought from Mama Panda Store at

Each participants can send maximum of THREE photos.

It's super easy and most importantly, you do not have to urge and promote your pictures for people to LIKE. Yeah... I hate contests that ask people to achieve the most highest LIKEs. It's time consuming and... well, the idea of asking a friend to LIKE my picture in Facebook so that I could win some stuff is a big turn off for me...and most other people too, I think. So none of that nonsense in Mama Panda giveaway!

The keyword here is CREATIVE. Be creative on how to attract and touched people's feelings from your picture. Advertise-able and of good quality picture.

Who knows, I might use those photos to be featured as banner on!

Don't forget, you must snapped your picture with items purchased from Mama Panda Store.


Because I want to reward my customers! Yes, YOU! You, who had bought from Mama Panda before.

Without these early buyers, I won't be here today. :)

So only those who has (will?) purchased from Mama Panda Store can join this giveaway. This narrows down the lucky winners, right?

Any of you could win this!

What am I looking for?
- Clear, high resolution picture (3.5MP above).
- A photo that can be advertised! <--- main factor.

Terms & Conditions:
- Once you have send your participation, you have AGREED to have your pictures to be used by Mama Panda Store in our website or in any marketing materials.
- Mama Panda Store has the right to change the prizes (with similar value) without prior notice.
- Contest ends one month from now which is on 20th July 2012. Winners will be announced a week later.


I guess that's it.

Well, what are the prizes?

Check out the brands I hinted below.

 There MAY be addition on the prizes. Stay tuned on this blog entry cos I might update ;)

Last but not least, there will not be just one winner. Instead, there will be THREE winners! 

or maybe more... consolation prizes, maybe?


Now go snap and edit great pictures for me to feast my eyes on. IMPRESS ME.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment!

Till then, bye!

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