Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tommee Tippee bottle

My baby started to drink from bottle when he was 2 weeks old. I still breastfeed him at that time, but once my Tommee Tippee bottles arrive, I taught him to drink from the bottle. Just so that he can still drink expressed breastmilk from bottle when I'm not around.

It turned out very good as Razin (my son) did not have any nipple confuse issue. He was breastfed and bottle fed at the same time.

I believe a good bottle with suitable bottle teat is crucial to achieve this. And since then, I only buy Tommee Tippee bottles.

If you take a look at Tommee Tippee's teats, you can see that the teat is rounded like mommy's breast. It is also very soft (softer than Avent's). Definitely 'closer to nature'! =)

The first time Razin drink from TT's bottle, the whole teat was inside her mouth. Just like when breastfeeding! It's a good thing that the teat is very soft.

Other than that, I love just how cute Tommee Tippee's bottles are!

 This is the 5 oz bottles.
The bottles comes with Stage 1 teats which are 'slow flow' that are perfect for newborns.

This is the 9 oz bottles (the twin pack comes in Blue and Pink).
The 9 oz bottles also use Stage 1 teats (slow flow).
You can change to other teats as your baby grows.

There are 3 teats:
Slow Flow (from newborns)
Medium Flow (from 3 months above)
Fast Flow (from 6 months above)

But truly, it depends on your baby. Every babies are different. Some rejected Tommee Tippee, some suitable with it... You have to try and error. Do not give up... You have to be patient.

But make sure Tommee Tippee is the first bottle you try on! hihihi...

There are some tips from other mommies I would like to share here when introducing bottle for babies:

1. If you want to breastfeed your baby, do not introduce bottle too early. Too early here means, within one to two days from the moment baby was born. Why? Well, your baby might not want to feed from your breast afterwards as he/she is already comfortable drinking from bottles. Plus, the flow from bottle is faster than from mom's breasts. Your baby doesn't have to do much effort sucking from bottle than from mom's breasts.

 2. Do not wait too long to introduce bottles to babies - Some mothers will only teach his/her babies to drink from bottle when they're a week/month away from getting back to work. Well, some babies rejected any bottles introduced as they're already comfortable feeding direct from their mothers.

So when is the perfect time?

Mommy knows best!

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